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          Our company was established few years ago and from the beginning we devote ourselves to the manufacture of spare parts of historic motorcycles. We are still upgrading the scale of our products and you can find the actual offer on this web page in the section of Products. We are mostly able to make even a part according to your pattern that is not in our offer. Understandably the price of this kind of a part is unwinding from the number of required pieces, complexity and of course from the fact that it is not a series production.

          If you are touring the motorcycle exchanges (Slavkov, Brno, Kladno, Zlonín, Chotusice etc.), you can mostly find us there and buy our products right at the place or make an order (if we do not have requested merchandise). Orders we accept also by a phone, email or by a fax. If you don't speak Czech, the best way how to contact us is by an email, we will reply as soon as possible. We are able to send you the merchandise by the cash on delivery or we can arrange a meeting at some motorcycle exchange or directly at our address where you can pick your parts up. But please do not order in the loose. We are often very work-loaded, so we cannot guarantee you that the required part is at the store and then it could take some time until we execute your order.

          We hope that you will choose something from our offer and we are looking forward for our cooperation. If you did not find anything interesting, thank you for visiting our web pages.

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